State Tax Google Fusion Map: Looks like ‘Bama and NY are equal, folks

One of the reasons my mother and I moved to the South was for its lower cost of living.

For years, the New York State taxes KILLED us.

We were flabbergasted when we arrived in Alabama and our property taxes were a whopping $700…. per year.

In New York, that was far from a quarter’s worth.

Today, after making this interactive map, this data of combined local and state tax rates from 2012 had me thinking that the taxes between my two “home” states is closer than I thought.

Take a look at this chloropleth, or “heat map” I created with Google Fusion Tables. It is an interactive map that, when you click a state, will show you the combined local and state tax rate from two years ago.

Highly interesting. So though it’s no cultural similarity, it always interests me when Alabama and New York have something in common. And here all this time, I thought all Southern states had the cheapest rates across the board.

Honestly, I bet it won’t be too long before all 50 states have “high” tax rates.

As for me though, it’s not looking like I’ll be leaving either high-paying state anytime soon.

Enjoy the interactive map, and if you care to create one yourself for any reason – it’s fairly simple (and pretty awesome, too). Check out this awesome tutorial!

Happy chloropleth-ing 🙂

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